Genesis 1 – 2

So as I mentioned yesterday in my resolutions, I started a Bible reading plan for the year. It’s a couple of chapters in the Old Testament each day and a couple of chapters from either the Prophets or the New Testament each day. I’m reading from the Message because while I do not recommend it as a primary study version, it is certainly easier to grasp than King Jimmy (though I like his poetic qualities) and I’ve really just never fallen in love with the NIV.

I thought I would post my thoughts, comments, questions here. I won’t send them out to the entire list but if you’re interested they will be here.

Day 1

Genesis 1

I love that from the very beginning of our story it shows the creativity of God and the power of His word as He spoke everything into being. It has always been one of the things that captures my attention. I can never remember what was created on what day but I never cease to find amazement at the vastness of God’s creativity.

How did that work by the way? Did God speak and suddenly it just materialized out of thin air? Or did He like speak trees and shrubs into existence and that planted the seed in the ground that then over the natural course became trees and shrubs? Was it both? Because in Gen 2:5 it speaks of Adam being formed “before any grasses or shrubs had sprouted from the ground”.

God created us to reflect His nature and to be responsible for the Earth and all therein. (Gen 1:16-18)

Were Adam and Eve vegetarians? God says He gave them all the seed-bearing plants and fruit-bearing trees  and whatever grows from the ground as food. (Gen 1:29-30)

Genesis 2

God rested!! (2:2) If God had to rest what makes us think that we don’t need to?

We are formed from dirt. I wonder if Adam looked like a huge sand sculpture on the beach before God breathed life into Him?  Regardless, God breathed His life into man

Gen 2:8 – God planted a garden. It doesn’t say He spoke it into existence. Did He actually, physically come down and plant the garden?

What was the purpose of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Gen 2:19 – God forms all the animals from dirt. Somehow I think in all my years I’ve overlooked that. Ummm… wow! And then Adam go to come up with names for them all. Proof that Adam was also very creative.

Oh and let’s not forget God’s best creation happens in this chapter… yayyy woman! 😉