Genesis 3

Genesis 3

Has anyone else ever found it odd that the serpent talks and Adam and Eve aren’t alarmed? Was it just normal??

Speaking of the serpent… God is all knowing so didn’t He know the serpent would deceive them. In which case, why create the serpent in the beginning? Isn’t it kind of like a set up for failure?

3:5 – the temptation: “You’ll be just like God, knowing everything”.

  •       Exactly what people are still trying to achieve today.
  •       They lived in the perfect world and had only one recorded “do not” and still failed. What was it that made the serpent’s temptation so appealing? Why do we think we want to be like God?
  • Is the core of the temptationa failure to believe that God is really good, that He really has our best at heart?

3:6 – Instead of saying, “No. God said we are not to touch it and I will honor that,” Eve considered the serpent’s words and, thus, the downfall. Though it seems Adam was with her, why didn’t he step in?

The Bible says it was fruit, not what kind, so where did we get the apple thing from??

3:7 How did they know how to sew fig leaves and I can’t sew on a button?! Guess that knowledge came after eating the fruit too? 🙂

3:8 Hiding from God… shame. We still do this. I still do this. Instead of running to the only One who can help, we hide out like He isn’t going to notice or know. We hide in our sin and shame and only cause further trouble.

3:12-13 The blame game. “The Woman you gave me…” Not only was Adam blaming Eve but also God. You gave her to me. Don’t blame me for this downfall when You are the one that put her in my life. Like he couldn’t have still said no.
“The Serpent seduced me”… again blaming something else. And it continues today.

3:14-19 The consequences. There are ALWAYS consequences to our disobedience of God, to our sin, because God is just.

3:23-24 God expelled them from the garden. It must have pained Him deeply. He created this place to commune with them but because of their disobedience He couldn’t trust them to stay away from the Tree of Life.
Did Adam and Eve later sit and talk about what the garden was like, what those days before the fall were like?