Job 1-2

As part of my church I’m taking part in a year long Bible reading plan called OWNit. You read a couple of chapters from the Old Testament each day, and then a couple of chapters from the Prophets or the New Testament. It is 6 days a week. You can check it out here.

First thought….(sarcasm) “Oh how joyful and encouraging, we get to start out the year with Job”… who thought that was a good idea??

Job 1

Job’s characteristics: completely honest, a man of his word (so dependable, trustworthy, reliable), completely devoted to God, and “hated evil with a passion”.

He was also”the most influential man in all the East”. That’s quite impressive.

1:5 He would sacrifice on behalf of his children just in case they had sinned. 1) wow, what devotion to God and care for his children. 2) ummm can you sacrifice on behalf of others? don’t they have to do their own sacrificing??

1:6 interesting… the angels report to God. Apparently Satan does as well since he is among them this day.

1:8 I’m still not sure how I feel about this. God is the one who mentions Job to Satan. Points him out. Gee thanks God.

First test: Family and Fortune

Job then  proceeds to have a day from hell. He loses his oxen and donkeys to attackers who steal them and kill his field help. Bolts of lightening turn the sheep and shepherds into crispy critters. His camels were raided by another group of attackers and the handlers murdered. Oh yeah, and a tornado took out his children. And all the messengers arrived one after another to inform him. What the heck God?? It makes me think twice about wanting to be friends with God, He might mention me. Eek!!

But, nevertheless, Job really is amazing. In his grief and sorrow he pronounces, 21 Naked I came from my mother’s womb, naked I’ll return to the womb of the earth. God gives, God takes. God’s name be ever blessed.

And then the last verse tells us that Job never sinned in the midst of all the disasters that fell on him that day and He didn’t blame God.   : O   Oh so much to learn from Job. *sigh*

Chapter 2

Second test: Health

How far apart were these happenings?

Once again God mentions Job to the Accuser of the Brethren. Satan then says that if God would allow Job’s own body to be touched then he would curse God. So God gives him the go ahead (v 6) to do whatever to Job except kill him.

Despite losing his health and having his wife tell him that he should just curse God and die basically, Job still doesn’t sin and STILL maintains his faith in God. He even wisely points out that we must take the good days and the bad days.

Then Job’s friends get involved. I’m pretty sure they meant well. After all, the three men all traveled a great distance to be with their friend and then they sat with him for seven days and nights without speaking. They saw the devastation, the sorrow and they grieved with him.