Job 3-4

Job 3

I’m guessing that Job had been in a state of shock, I mean, who wouldn’t be?! Here in the beginning of chapter three he breaks the silence and begs for the day he was born to be released. So personally this would probably have been on day one for me, but Job was apparently pretty amazing.

3:8 Just what is that sea best Leviathan? Yeah, I know there are no answers but I’m thinking dinosaur meets Loch Ness monster of the sea

Job begins vocally lamenting and, as expected, there are a lot of “Why” questions.

“What’s the point of life when it doesn’t make sense, when God blocks all the roads to meaning?” (3:23)

Proof that after all Job really is just a normal person. He may trust God completely and be honorable, but he has officially come to the end of himself. Even the best person would be undone at the tragedy he has endured. And who hasn’t asked the above question at some point. Truth is life really just doesn’t make sense sometimes

Job 4

Eliphaz needs to work on his encouragement skills because I’m pretty sure I am depressed after reading his offer to encourage and clarify.

4:6 “Shouldn’t your devout life give you confidence now”  Hmmm… doesn’t he mean shouldn’t God give you confidence now, your faith in Him, your trust in Him?  Confidence in a devout life is a shaky foundation because no matter how devout you are still human and will mess up somewhere. Besides that would be a confidence and faith in yourself more than in God.

4:7 I’m sure many innocent people have ended up on the scrap heap after all doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible that “it rains on the just and the unjust”.

You see the beginning of his friends suggesting that Job must have done something to bring this on himself. Weren’t they supposed to be comforting him?? But I’m sure we do the same. We come in to try and help a friend, trying to bring comfort, and end up speculating and potentially doing more harm than good.