Genesis 9

Genesis 9

9:1 God blesses Noah and his sons though I’m sure they must have already felt blessed at being the only humans alive and being off the boat. Though can you imagine what it’s like to ONLY have your family and no one else, literally, in all the earth? When God blessed them to “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill the earth!”, they were probably more than happy to add to the numbers.

9:2 All creatures will be afraid of humans and we are responsible for them.  Reminds me of our cat Dusty, appropriately named after crawling into the dryer vent. His meow every time he sees mom sounds like a screaming banshee, poor guy is terrified and all she did was rescue him.

9:3 And THIS is why I’m not a vegetarian! See God gave us animals to eat. YES!!

9:4 Wait… does that mean no medium rare steaks 🙁

9:5-7 God will justly punish anyone/thing that kills a human.

  • 9:5 So does that mean animals get judged too in some way?
  • 9:6 “Whoever sheds human blood, by humans let his blood be shed” Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Guess that will make you think twice before hurting someone. It’s like the death penalty long before a court system. I know, I know I’m in the Old Testament… old law… but I still bet it made people think twice before flying off in rage. Regardless of the fact that this is in the Old Testament it still stands as proof of the sanctity of human life.
Victoria Falls, Zambia
A photo I took at Victoria Falls on the Zambian side in 2009

9: 8-17 God establishes covenant with Noah, his family, and the wildlife. This is ridiculously important. Covenant is an agreement between two parties with with stipulations and promises on both sides. I read somewhere earlier today that this word comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to cut”. It’s like the line in the sand in a sense that once you’ve crossed into it, there is no turning back.

Stipulations of this covenant: God will never destroy everything by flood again

God gives rainbows as a reminder to Him and to us of this promise (v 13-16)

So does that mean God is capable of forgetting since He says it will remind Him? I wonder sometimes if He looks over the balcony of Heaven and takes account of different people, places, etc. Does He ever get fed-up with us humans and the level of corruption and sin here and see a rainbow and think, “Oh yeah, but I promised.” Totally speculation and probably not how it happens. I’m pretty certain that little reminder mechanism is much more for us than for God… cause I’m pretty forgetful.

*side rant* Rainbows are gorgeous and beautiful and I get really annoyed that they have been perverted these days and taken as a sign for homosexuality. *side rant ending here*

9:20-27 Noah gets drunk, passes out naked and has to be covered by his sons. I don’t know what Ham did but it merited his cursing, while his brothers received blessings. I’m pretty sure there is more to it than just seeing his father naked (after all, that would be Noah’s fault for passing out drunk while naked). Whatever happened Canaan became cursed because of it.

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