January 11th the Second Time Around

It’s January 11th. I just arrived back in Kyiv. Funny thing is that I arrived here last year on January 11th. A lot has changed in a year. My biggest thankfulness this time around may be that I actually had a place to go home to instead of sleeping on the couch at the office.

Anyway I just wanted to send out a quick note to say that I’m back in Ukraine. Made it safe and sound, with no problems and no sleep. Just finished unpacking and repacking and am now going to try to keep myself awake for about another hour and half before face planting (in hopes of helping get my body clock set… huge pain right now but better a couple of days of misery than a week).

Please pray for me and the other staff as we start Winter Camp TOMORROW!!! Being in the States for the last month and half, I feel a bit out of the loop and completely unprepared. Our theme this year is Metamorphosis, so it’s all about transformation. Pray that student’s lives will be transformed by Christ and that transformation would begin this weekend.

Until next week…

Good night 🙂

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