Discovering Lewis Carroll and Robert Frost In Kyiv

Yesterday was an afternoon filled with a never ending team meeting, and a glance at the calendar shows an already full semester ahead. This year the spring will be about a month shorter than normal due to Euro2012 and I’m still hoping to devise a departure from Kyiv for that month!

Party Time at the Boys New Apartment
Of course there are also the party times that are great fun. This was Thursday's open house in the middle of a game of Crocodile (known to us as Charades)

Regardless, I have had time to do what I really LOVE to do this past week and that is spending time with students individually. English clubs for me are just part of the “job”. It’s one of my requirements and certainly not what I prefer.

One student I met with this week was surprised at how God used her at our recent Winter Camp and how one student who doesn’t even believe in God could come to trust us and feel he could ask questions without being condemned. She was also surprised when one of the staff approached her about possibly being a camp volunteer in August.

Another student is working hard to finish her Master’s degree and hopes to open a school for conversational English after. While working on her degree, she is also teaching English to business men and, when inspiration hits, writing a novel. Her Master’s work is based on showing that Robert Frost was not a homosexual. I didn’t even know it was a popular theory until our conversation yesterday (I guess that theory happened after I graduated high school?!).

Lewis Carroll photo
Lewis Carroll photo of Alice Liddell

Today I spent a couple of hours with another one of my student friends here. We got a bit lost in search of an art gallery, but in the end we found it. Inside was a small collection of photographs by Lewis Carroll. I didn’t even know he was a photographer. Many of the photos were already sold (and at roughly $60 I would buy one too just to own it if I had the money!) It was interesting to see the girl Alice that is speculated to be the basis for his literary work Alice in Wonderland. Afterwards we had supper and discussed how she is growing in Christ and becoming more connected at church. She also hopes to work as a volunteer in future camps and is taking English classes to further improve her language skills, as well as, meeting with one of the other staff each week to dig deeper into the Word of God.


THIS is what I love. Hearing about the passions of the students, their dreams, their struggles, their growth.

Please pray for us as we head into a new semester that we don’t get so busy that we lose the importance of spending time with students one-on-one. I know in the midst of the chaos I find myself wanting to just run away to my apartment and hide (and the cold weather doesn’t help that desire!!).

My team is leaving tomorrow for our Staff Conference where we will gather with staff and volunteers from all over Ukraine to worship, pray and plan together. Then next week will begin our normal schedule and, of course, the first will be Shevchenko club on Wednesday!

Looking forward to an exciting and fruitful semester!!