Baby It’s Cold Outside Is An Understatement

today's temperature

Currently it is 11 a.m. in Kyiv and I’m indoors finishing a cup of Starbucks Via ©  and clothed in multiple layers. My phone informs me that outside it is -13 F and I’m trying to decide if I keep my word to show up at club today since it isn’t a club I usually attend or if I send word to the leader that I’ll drop in and see the students next week. I’m leaning towards the latter.

So far this week has been one of highs and lows, except the temperature which has just been low.

Sunday night I attended the Plastic Theatre here in Kyiv. It is a particular type of acting that uses only movement, props and music to communicate the story. Finally a theatre I can understand because there are no words!! Two of my students went with me to see The Little Prince, based on the French novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. (Here it is online in English if you’re curious about the story).

I enjoyed it very much after becoming accustomed to what made me think of dancing mimes. The costumes were wonderfully created and the theatre served free tea to help you warm up. The only thing that saddened me was that cameras were not allowed and there were several scenes that would have made excellent photos.

Tuesday afternoon I discovered that almost $700 was missing from my bank account, leaving me in the negative and unable to withdraw money. A serious issue anytime, but even more so with only about $5 in cash and rent being due this week.  By phone the bank was most unhelpful, leaving only “close the account” as my option after filing a claim. So I contacted mom who graciously dealt with the issue in person at the bank. Thankfully they have credited the money back to my account and are investigating the crime. I also quickly discovered how many good friends I have here in Ukraine who were willing to help until the issue resolved.

So after a horribly stressful afternoon, I left to meet up with my friend Clinton White. He is a former World Racer and has recently returned to western Ukraine as a missionary. Clinton helped show us around during my time in Kyiv as a Racer and it was nice to catch up over a dinner at TGIFridays ©. After dinner I went to a friends apartment to spend time with several of our students and graduates while being introduced to an old Russian comedy Operation Y.

Munchkin addiction
Ridiculous huh?

Shevchenko English Club started back yesterday. It was the students’ first day of classes for the semester so we only had about a dozen attendees, but we enjoyed a game of Apples to Apples © after a bit of discussion on how the first day back was treating each of them. One of the guys was given a surprise by parents who turned off his cell phone to let him sleep in not realizing it was the first day and so he was several hours late to university. Ooops! After club a few of us hung out and played several forms of the slightly addictive game Munchkin ©.

That is the week so far and I have officially been given permission to skip club today and worship practice has  been cancelled! Yayyy I don’t have to leave my flat!!!!

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