Defenders of the Fatherland

Here in Ukraine it is a holiday – День защитника Отечества (Defender of the Fatherland Day). It is the day when men are honored who have served in the armed forces.

I want to focus on a different aspect of defending the fatherland though.

This summer Ukraine and Poland will host Euro2012. For football fans (that’s soccer to us Americans) this is a huge event and a great opportunity for Ukraine’s tourism. However, with the huge influx of tourists there is also expected to be a huge rise in human trafficking.

This country that I love so much is already known worldwide for its human trafficking issues and to think that there are many pushing to change the laws making prostitution completely legal during the games is heartbreaking. I have never met a girl in prostitution that wanted to be in that place.

A friend of mine today pointed out Hosea 4, which contains a very strong rebuke from God to the priests. Basically God tells the Israelites that their plight is because of the actions of the priests, those with the spiritual authority. It says that God isn’t going to judge the women who were prostitutes, but the priests, the men, who took part in this evil whether by physically being partakers or simply by standing by and allowing it.

Human trafficking is an overwhelming problem not just in Ukraine, but worldwide and, yes, that includes America.

Where are the men who will stand up and be watchmen? Who will stand and protect the women and children of our nations? What can we each do to fight this injustice?

I am deeply thankful for those that fight for freedom militarily, but my prayer is for men to rise up who will stand against prostitution and human trafficking, those who will be watchmen over their mothers, sisters, and daughters. In a country where so many are fatherless, let there be a generation of fathers that arise and stand in the gap.



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