Leap of Faith Day

Leap Day. That intercalary 24 hour period that occurs every four years and makes for a very cool birth date.

I, however, deemed today “Leap of Faith Day” and am contemplating extending it to “Leap of Faith Year”.

Some people are risk takers, but I’m really not someone I would count in that category. I don’t enjoy risk. I enjoy comfort, stability, control. I like to know that when I get in the elevator that it will work. I like to try things I expect I will be okay at, but not things which may make me look like a fool. I like to pay for things and know I will get what I want.

So it is often ironic to me that I live in a foreign country. It is truly only by the grace of God. In the past month I’ve been stuck in an elevator, had my bank account drained, and had a fire in my apartment building. It hasn’t felt very comfortable. It hasn’t seemed stable. And I have felt completely out of control.

Those are crazy things that have happened, but there are other events that are stretching my trust. I find myself in negotiations for a second English club on the remote campus of Shevchenko. I’m working through the book of Proverbs with one of my girls who isn’t a Christian and has the ability to pull out the hardest and most intimidating of questions. We have a World Race team coming in a few weeks and I am the coordinator, the person overseeing plans for their stay with us.

None of this is comfortable for me, but I think God is much less concerned with our comfort than we like to think.

Recently,  I’ve felt like all my fears have popped in unannounced and unwelcomed, and I’ve just wanted to stay home or, better yet, run home.

I’ve known for some time I would have a huge decision to make at this point in the year unless finances changed. I can buy a ticket home and figure out plans from there, or I can apply for a visa and residency leaving me with not much money and definitely not enough to go home if things go awry. It has also been a stressful decision knowing the changes in the law here have caused all kinds of problems.

Hence, “Leap of Faith Day”.

I’ve done a lot of praying over this the last few weeks. Is it faith? Is it foolish? Is my will or God’s will? But the more I pray and the more I look at where God has me right now, the more I am convinced it is not time to go home. It isn’t time to back down or run away. It’s time to take a leap in faith that where God guides He provides.

This isn’t just about finances either. It’s about trusting God for wisdom with new ventures and growing more in learning to lead. It’s about believing that God will give answers to students’ questions and speak through me even when I feel I don’t have very much to offer. It’s about leaping into the arms of the Heavenly Father instead of trying to plan and control every detail.

Are there things in your life that requires a leap day? What’s stopping you from taking the leap?

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