Daffodil Sunshine and Babushka Smiles

Winter has tried to extend her icy grasp once more. She blew back into Kyiv with a blustery forceful hand and covered the city again in a blanket of white.
Her cold hand seemed to reach into my very own soul as well, leaving everything gray, bitter and lifeless.
The underground teems with dirt and dust, hurried movements and furrowed brows. Winter’s reappearing greeted with frigid faces wrapped in layers of brown and black.
photo taken from http://daffodils.flowersinavases.com/

The flowers call to me as they often do. Row upon row touting various hues of fragile petals releasing sweet smelling fragrances that push through the odor of city life.

I find myself wishing for a garden to call my own. Tender shoots to care for and mother. I file it away as a one day wish just next to “have a library room.”
As my weary mind and body push through the crowds, my eyes are drawn to the beautiful yellow daffodils like small globes of sunshine in the midst of a week that has mostly missed out on golden rays.
It seems grhivna can buy sunshine and I happily carry away my bundle. Nine bright and cheerful companions for my cold walk home.
Selfishly I bought them. Do I really want to keep their beauty only to myself though? I pondered as I swiftly walked the 1.4 km from metro stop to cozy flat.
Drawing close to home it seemed that someone else could probably use a kind smile and spot of color as well, and so I determined to give away my little bit of spring.
Quickly I rapped on her window. The little granny downstairs gave me the puzzled look she always does when I stop. Sometimes I wonder what she thinks of me… crazy American girl that cannot communicate. As she unlocks her cubicle I simply smile and hand her the bundle, offering only a meager, “Just because” in Russian.
The light that fills her face, however, outshines even my beautiful daffodils and all question of to keep or give away is erased.
My vase still sits empty on its shelf with the promise of being filled again one day, but my heart is full just from knowing I was part of bringing someone else a ray of sunshine in the middle of a cold, gray day.
*I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, just before my trip. No worries stories and photos from Israel will come soon. Thank you all for your prayers. I was able to get my visa and have started the process of registration.

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