Girl Meets God: A Review

I became intrigued when I discovered on the free bookshelf at church Lauren F. Winner’s book girl meets GOD. It caught my eye for two reasons: my impending trip to Israel and my love of memoirs.

From the cover:

The child of a Jewish father and a lapsed Southern Baptist mother, Lauren F. Winner chose to become an Orthodox Jew. But even as she was observing Sabbath rituals and studying Jewish law, Lauren was increasingly drawn to Christianity. Courageously leaving what she loved, she eventually converted. In Girl Meets God, this appealing woman takes us through a year in her Christian life as she attempts to reconcile both sides of her religious identity.

My thoughts:

Personally I love reading about journeys, peoples memories, struggles and lives. Seeing the world through the eyes of someone else can help give perspective that one may not otherwise gain. While reading girl meets GOD one of the aspects I love so much is Winner’s honesty. For example in the beginning she is talking about visiting a Reform synagogue and writes, “The fact that it is Sukkot doesn’t seem to be part of the service at all. Why bother at playing at Judaism, I wonder, annoyed, if you don’t move by the rhythms of the Jewish calendar?” (p. 15)  Through reading Winner’s memoir you get to see Christianity from the perspective of someone who had chosen Orthodox Judaism first, and then after her conversion you are able to hear how she views Judaism from a Christian perspective.

Just like life this journey, her conversion, her questions and the answers (or non-answers sometimes) don’t all fit into a nice, neatly packaged box. Maybe that is another reason I like it. Sometimes it is difficult to follow the trajectory of where the book is going, where Winner is going, but, again, that doesn’t bother me so much because it’s the same with life.

While this isn’t a book that I would want to read again and again, it was enjoyable enough that I decided to buy another book by Winner.