Leaving for Staff Conference

Yesterday was a full day of spending time with students I love and celebrating Kyiv’s birthday, but as the day came to a close it ended with an anxiety attack unlike I’ve had in a long time.

In the evening I attended an outdoor classical music concert downtown with one of my girls. The music was beautiful and the singers were amazing. However, over the course of the two hours, the swelling crowd started pressing in more and more. The combination of standing in one spot for so long, much of the day in the sun and tiredness settled in to an unwelcome inability to breathe.

I prayed the entire hour trip home to just be able to get home without getting sick and to be able to lie down. Thankfully on the crowded metro I was able to get a seat and then did something I rarely do and took a bus home from the metro. Unfortunately arriving home I discovered our elevator was broken and I had to climb six flights of stairs in the dark with hardly any breath. I’m certain God got me home last night.

I’m better today but still shaky. I don’t have very much strength and am light headed, but am about to leave for staff conference. Please pray for me as I tackle my one hour trip to the train station with luggage and then a 15 hour train journey.

With that said, I will be away from internet mostly for the next 11 days so if you send me any messages please don’t be offended if I don’t have the chance to respond quickly.



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