The Traveler: A Photo Story

I’m taking part in Kelly Chadwick’s creativity project (even though I’m starting like 3 weeks behind which drives me crazy!!). The exercise I’m working on today is from day 5 and challenged participants to create a story using photos. So below is my story:

Once upon a time there was an American who wanted to see the world.

So the American set off and traveled all over the map (well not quite all over since the American never made it to Central/South America or Australia but still the American did a lot of traveling)

The American simply fell in love with the world God created and the many different people and cultures encountered during the grand adventure.

However, when the American met the people of Ukraine it was completely different than all the other places. The hospitality of the people and beautiful land captivated the American who felt that God has great things for this young country.

So the American fell in love with Ukraine and moved there. Still and forever an American, but now also very much Ukrainian too.

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