Feeling Inspired?

I was challenged (thank you again Kelly Chadwick) to create a soundtrack of inspiration.

Immediately in my mind I went back to college, back to those days of all night cramming, early morning exams and the freedom that comes with not quite being in the “real” adult world yet.

My good friend Stephanie – no I am not referring to myself but actually a friend who is also named Stephanie… we were on a drama team together and had Steph and Steph skits… it was epic – anyway, she would compile a cd at the end of each year called “Steph’s Motivational Compilation” and several a few years later I still jam out to those cds (or I would if I hadn’t left my iPod in NC in my best friend’s car).

Music is a monumental part of my life and so picking just a few songs to post here is difficult. However these are the ones that today are my inspirational soundtrack. Be warned, I enjoy a very WIDE range of musical styles 🙂

Once and for All/Seize the Day, Newsies

I was going to post the clip from the movie but I just couldn’t pass up the new Broadway Musical version. I’m a huge procrastinator so it’s good to remember to seize the day, plus it’s really catchy.

Waka Waka, Shakira.

What can I say? We are in the middle of EURO2012 here in Ukraine so there’s lots of football fever. Plus this song is just awesome, features Africa, has djembes and the dance moves are fun.

Stronger, Hillsong United – Thank God for Jesus’ sacrifice and that He is stronger than my failures and the sin of this world!

Don’t Waste Your Life,  Lecrae

Another great reminder of the gift of life and to live as God created us to. It isn’t about wealth, status, etc. but all about Him.

I’m Gonna Take That Mountain, Reba McEntire

I love the line, “I was born a stubborn soul, this is just a stumbling block”. I guess this is my southern roots showing, plus it’s Reba.. I’m pretty certain we could be friends.

“Awake and Alive” Skillet

A rocking reminder that you’re awake and alive, don’t be afraid to stand up for your faith. Oh and props for having an amazing girl drummer who also sings. Jen Ledger may be one of my heroes…

What songs inspire you and make you feel like you can conquer the world?