Mission imPossible

sometimes I actually get to use my college degree 🙂

I am about to embark on a great adventure. . . summer camp.

Many of the staff have already arrived in Kyiv and Wednesday evening we will all gather together to kick off the preparations for CCX Summer English Camp: Mission imPossible. This week there will be team building and ropes course building. There will be training in inductive study and there will be a lot of coffee drinking.

Next Sunday the buses will arrive and there will be cheering. Then the week will be filled with Bible studies and team challenges. There will be sports and art and dancing. There will be a lot of laughter and really deep conversations. There will be a ton of coffee drinking. And at the end of next week there will be tears – there always are. Then the buses will roll away and the staff will collapse in exhaustion.

The camp theme this year is focused on the impossible. We will, of course, be helping students strengthen their English skills but we will also be imparting other knowledge and wisdom to help them as they navigate this mission of living life to the fullest. Our Bible studies show impossible situations that God showed up in and somehow fulfilled the mission. We will talk about the overwhelming things in life and point to the God who makes the impossible possible.

It’s an exciting time and we are looking forward to a great camp. Will you join us in praying for our time with the students.  Here are a few suggestions:

 1 – That students’ hearts will be opened to the message of Jesus by the Holy Spirit.
2 – That we will model good Christian values & lives for the students
3 – For safety for all during travel to & from camp & while at camp.
4 -For spiritual protection during camp for all.
5 – For good and lasting relationships to be built.
6 – For energy to do all the things God needs us to do!
7 – For quality rest
8 – To keep our focus on bringing glory to God & His Word to the students.

Also as staff we are required to pay our own way for camp. Local staff are asked to pay at least $250 each, but actual cost is closer to $350. This is an additional expense this month on top of normal living expenses. If you would like to contribute to camp fees, feel free to click here for Paypal (if you choose “gift” then I receive the entire amount you donate with no fees incurred) or for tax deductible support you may send a check to: Ekklesia International, 70 Lee Street,Royston, GA 30662. Memo: Ukraine

Thank you for praying for our students and staff as we minister at camp. I look forward to sharing with you the stories and photos in a couple of weeks!