The Beginning in Photos

Last week seemed like an unending marathon, filled with excitement and a lot of hydration to keep going. Photos are always fun so below are just a few from this past week and the beginning of our English clubs for the year.


The beginning of English club at Shevchenko University. We had 56 students for our first meeting!


Finding ways to engage everyone and not have chaos with a group this size is a bit of a challenge. We played a name tag game to get people into conversations and then had a little competition with Human Bingo.


Over half of the club last week were first year students. They seemed to greatly enjoy the club and we even saw a few of them later in the week at our Movie Club.


The first English club at KPI for the year. After a game of Have You Ever, we were doing some introductions. Many of these students are studying engineering and those other subjects with lots of math and science that makes my head spin.


Pete at the beginning of the KNLU club. Please pray for Pete and his family as he had to make an unexpected trip home to Canada this morning because his grandmother is not doing well.


Listening to directions for how to play Human Bingo


Last, but not least, our Friday night Movie club. Inna, one of our graduates and one of my close friends, is introducing the movie Big Fish.

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