Remember that time I challenged my students?

I love TED talks.  Seriously. You can find so many interesting and exciting topics there from leaders in various fields. And it is way better to lose several hours over there than on YouTube (in my humble opinion).

So when I stumbled across Google engineer Matt Cutts and his inspiring 3 minute and 27 second talk about trying something new for thirty days I thought, “Hey! English club… this could be fun.”

Not everyone gets excited about setting goals so I thought maybe if we had a 30 day challenge that some students could get inspired to try something for the month. I find goal setting to be a practical way of taking steps toward the bigger dreams that we have and I really like practical. Maybe it’s a cultural thing?

What you don’t always consider when you plan these things is that it means you should also challenge yourself to something for 30 days.

There were some awesome goals in English club today: to play the harmonica every day for 30 days, to learn a new word every day, to be able to do 20 pull ups, to write poetry, etc.

A few weeks ago I gave myself the challenge of going to bed by midnight so I could be a nicer person, and after understanding that my poor body just doesn’t accept abuse and no sleep the way it once did. However, it seemed a cop out to just go with that as my challenge. I mean I cannot ask the students to undertake something I promised to be asking them about over the next month if I am not doing something. Right?

So here we go folks. Good, bad or ugly I asked the students to keep me accountable to…

:: drum roll please ::

Blogging every day.

Yes, I finally committed to that elusive goal (well for the next 30 days at least). So here’s to day one and the students of Shevchenko’s Cross Cultural Club.

Below is the Ted talk video that inspired today’s English club. Maybe it will inspire you to try something for the next thirty days and if so please share! I would also love to hear if  you have any favorite TED talks!

Enjoy and be inspired 🙂
(it may take a few minutes to load, or you can watch it here at