мой кошмар (My Nightmare)

Day 3

мой кошмар is Russian for my nightmare, which consequently was lived out last night.

The smell of something burning has become a scent so familiar since living in Ukraine as that nauseous feeling when your stomach is staging a coupe and you have 7 seconds to make it to a trash can or toilet has become since beginning to travel abroad.

However, when I returned home from movie club last night the smell didn’t really bother me. The heat had finally been turned on in the building and I just thought it was the dust burning off the unused heaters.

About five minutes later as I began cooking my supper of eggs with a side of salo (that’s unrendered pork fat for my non-Ukrainian friends), I was keenly aware of a lot of smoke and it wasn’t coming from my cooking. I walked into the hall to notice huge flames on our balcony.

Home alone. Panicked. Unable to communicate.

I struggled to find my phone… to think straight. I threw some water on the flames but realized it was too much for me alone. So I ran down stairs to the keeper of our apartment building and played charades trying to explain there was a fire.

пожар is the word I desperately needed and in my overwhelmed state could not remember. So I dragged the lady with me to the sign by the elevator with instructions for what to do about a fire. She finally got the point.

By the time I made it back upstairs all our neighbors were in our apartment trying to throw water on the fire. In my panic I had ran downstairs and left our door unlocked.

A few minutes later my roommate arrived and took care of talking with everyone as I melted into a sobbing, shaking mess in the hallway.

So I think I have a good reason for not blogging yesterday, but you can decide.

Everything will be okay and we are okay. My heart still races every time I think about it and I didn’t sleep well last night for nightmares and being so tense.

The slightly funny thing is that just the day before one of my leaders asked me why I find living in Ukraine so stressful. I don’t think I need to comment further on that.

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