Bible and Life: Photo Blog

Day 10

Since I don’t own a DSLR camera, one of my friends graciously allowed me to borrow her “baby” for the weekend.

Here is a glimpse into the first day of Bible and Life Conference. There will be plenty more photos on my Facebook page later.

If you would like to see an image larger, just click on it.

One of the old soviet statues in Bucha



Praying for each other


Looking in on Danil’s teaching time
I’m not sure what happened but apparently it got a great reaction


One of the opening skits. I’m not sure what was going on here either because since I was taking photos I was nowhere near my interpreter. So most of the conference I’m kind of clueless.


Olya is trying to hide. I caught her attempting to take a nap


Zhuquing is one of Christian students. He is also an International student from China. He is full of life and everyone loves being around him.


Oh no! Dasha and Pete have been framed!


Yulia explaining the game we were about to play.