Djembes and discipleship

Day 15

You know that awkward moment when people look to you as more of an expert on something than you feel that you are? When others come to you for some advice or some lessons and you promise to try, but feel completely, totally unqualified?

I gave a djembe lesson last night and while I have been playing for years, I was never taught and technically know very little. Every week I sit and play this beautiful African instrument and yet teaching someone else is rather intimidating and a great reminder of how much I do not know.

But it gave me reason to do some research, to work on some rhythms and to push myself to focus on the djembe which I do not normally find time for in the busy day-to-day life.

And it made me think…

It’s a lot like discipleship.

It can be uncomfortable to disciple someone. Maybe you feel completely inadequate and wondering why in the world someone would expect that you could be up for such an enormous task.

Me playing during a Burn 24/7 in the park in Berlin, Germany
Photo taken by Chuck Magnet, 2010.

Then you find that it pushes you to become more of the person you need to be as you are helping another person walk in a closer relationship with God. And I think that is one of the reasons why God asks this of us.


It is humbling.
Sometimes it is difficult.

But in the end it is beneficial for both of you.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?

Have you ever had someone ask you for lessons of

something and you thought they were crazy for asking you? How did it turn out?Are you helping disciple someone? What are some insights you’ve gained from such a relationship?