From Villainry to Photography and All the in Between

Last week was the kind of week that seemed to never end and, yet, breezed by all too quickly. Time is such a funny thing.

Just to keep you up-to-date with life on this side, here are the highlights:

The week always begins at 5:15 a.m. as I drag myself from a cozy couch and head out to church for practice. We had a guest speaker, Jim Anderson, author of Unmasked: Exposing the Cultural Sexual Assault. He is very passionate about restoring women and challenging men and calling the church back to purity. After our Sunday services, I met up with my friend and director of A21, an anti-trafficking organization that has a base here in Kyiv and we talked about the ways God is moving here and around the world. Such an encouraging afternoon. Then I spent time with two of my friends and CCX alumni and talked about life over a cup of tea.

Hours and hours of meetings. Planning and planning and planning.

CCX joined with the Student Ministry at ICA church and put on a Heroes vs. Villains Costume Party. Many hours of Pinterest exploring and creating props paid off as we enjoyed a fun-filled evening. *whew* So much pressure!! I went as a villain – The Butterfly Effect. I should probably send some apologies to the upper eastern US, but villains don’t apologize.

I love that moments like this are just part of normal life for me.

English club at Shevchenko and a discussion on politics (ick!!)… it was the most frightening topic I could think of for Halloween and, thankfully, one of our guys on the team was a political science major.

Spent the morning creating a brochure for our Winter Camp in January called “Signs”. We will be studying passages from the book of Romans  and talking about what are some of the signs of a life in Christ. Then jetted off to English club at Linguistics university and more political discussions. Finished off the day with sushi with my dear sister Inna.

The afternoon was filled with conversations with students at Shevchenko and followed by movie club in the evening. I was in charge this week so I introduced Spielberg’s E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial to our students. Some loved it. Some weren’t so impressed. Can’t please everyone, right?

E.T. … how could you not love the little guy?!?

We held our Interpreter’s Seminar, hosting 18 of our students from different universities (though 1/3 were from Shevchenko… woohooo my club rocks!!), we gave them lots of advice and tips and then the practical chance to interpret for some native speakers. For many students this was their first time attempting to interpret for a native English speaker. It is always a great day, but long and exhausting. I was, of course, one of the speakers, but also the photographer for the day. I borrowed my friend Christine’s Nikon D90 and could barely lift my hand 8 hours and 4 gb of photos later.

Interpreter’s Seminar participants

After the seminar, I rushed over to ICA for our monthly prayer night and thanked God for the couple of hours to sit in His presence, focused on listening and praising Him.

Then came Sunday morning and the 5:15 alarm again…

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