When Thank You Seems Too Small

There are so many thoughts swirling around in this little head of mine today. Words about politics and legalized marijuana and other things I cannot understand so I will refrain from commenting about them.

Creative Commons via davidvanderwekke.com

Then there are shouts of thankfulness and the moments of today that have left me speechless in a different way, a humbled, overwhelmed, and amazed way. I choose to focus on and share one of these moments.

I will begin by saying that it is very difficult for me to receive from others. It isn’t that I don’t like gifts. I love them actually. It’s that I’ve never come to terms with the expectations that come with gifts. And appropriate responses always elude me. “Thank you” seems to simple, but elaborate sentences seem like you’re trying to hard.

Maybe I just over think the entire process.

So how do you respond when someone blesses you with a trip? Not like a flight somewhere that is necessary because you have to get home or are being forced to leave a country and someone covers you so you don’t get thrown in prison or something, but the kind of trip that is simply for rest and to spend time with others that you consider family and have not seen in way too long.

My response was staring at the gmail screen on my cell phone with a slack jaw and bugged out eyes,  as I tried to regain my wit enough to finish preparing for my upcoming Bible study time, and fumbled with the touchscreen in an effort to send at least some kind of acknowledging response.

To me this is no small thing, and I am so incredibly humbled and thankful for the upcoming opportunity to rest for a few days. It shouts, “You are loved and cared for,” in the midst of all the internal and external noise that often shouts a completely different message. 

One of my first thoughts on the matter was, “How will I ever repay this kindness?”
And, again, I was reminded of God’s gift to us that can never be repaid because it is so above and beyond our ability to repay. He didn’t offer us the gift of salvation and life eternal so that we would feel enslaved to somehow pay Him back, but to express His lavish love for you and me.

So I thought, maybe it isn’t meant to have a monetary value attached to it that requires me to mentally calculate my debt with interest. Maybe, just maybe, I should view it simply as an expression of love and simply say “Thank You.”

Have you ever received a kindness so big in your eyes that you were left speechless? How did you express your gratitude?