What IF We Were Real?

Thank you Jesus
Expressing thankfulness. Photo by Helen Wolf

What if we were real?

That was the question posed to more than 70 women this past weekend out in a tiny Ukrainian village. Just what might happen if we stopped the charades and just became fantastically, ridiculously, good, bad, ugly, beautifully real?

As we listened to testimonies of the leadership team that recounted events of each of their lives, it was a powerful reminder that Jesus is the One who saves, delivers, heals, and brings hope, life and freedom to those who call on His name.

We worshiped, ate, laughed, cried, created, thanked, discussed and played games together. New memories were created and friendships were formed. Vulnerability was expected and accountability offered. Grace and mercy were extended and maybe a little tough love was also doled out.

I am incredibly thankful for the leadership team that put together this past weekend. They served and poured out and I know that many lives were touched, including mine. I came home exhausted, but the good kind of exhausted where you know that God was certainly present and, though your brain feels like mush and the introvert is screaming for some alone time, you wouldn’t trade a moment of that precious time you experienced with your sisters in Christ.

And that is what would happen if we were real. We’d know that God is above all and He can use our failures, faults, sins and weaknesses, and that there is no condemnation for those who are in Him and that our sisters don’t condemn us either. We’d walk away feeling refreshed, renewed, hopeful, loved, cherished, healed and empowered not just to become more like Christ ourselves but to share God’s love with a hurting, searching, dying world.

moments of being real
Moments of Being Real. Photo by Helen Wolf
ICA Women's Retreat Group 2012 Photo
ICA Women’s Retreat Group 2012. Photo by Andrew Kelly.

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