From Gray to White

Monday morning. An irksome alarm sounded all too early calling me out of warm slumber and into the cold and sunless winter. I passed my roommate’s closed and silent door with envy as she continued dreaming as I put on my layers to face the windy, slushy, sleeting mess outside. All of this to sit in a meeting. A LONG meeting.

Days like this I find myself in great need. I note how easily I am influenced by weather patterns and business matters instead of the deep, abiding joy that I desire.

On these days I see how quickly my thankfulness and contentment are blown away as ice pelts my face and the wind blows my umbrella inside out and I misstep into a puddle.

I think to myself how I am an awful lot like those Israelites that I so often shake my head at as I read my Bible and say, “Come on guys, why do you keep traveling in circles and missing the point?!”

But during my meeting something wonderful happened as I sat unaware, with my back to the window, trying to forget the misery and focus on concerns of ministry.

The first snow of the winter.

Turning around hours later, my eyes took in a completely different scene. Huge, soft flakes bearing down on Kyiv and covering everything in brilliant white.

My day that started out miserably ugly ended in a canopy of white beauty that somehow makes the cold more bearable.

And I am reminded that everything can change in a matter of moments.

And however it changes, God is the one in charge and He knows what He is doing.

Though I’m glad that today that meant changing from gray misery to white beauty.