The Beginning of the End for Religious Freedom in Ukraine?

Photo by hickory hardscrabble. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Photo by hickory hardscrabble. Licensed under Creative Commons.

As you may remember from my recent MailChimp newsletter, I asked for prayers for Ukraine as a piece of legislation was coming to the President that would prove detrimental for religious freedom here.

Yanukovych did sign the law, which is not really surprising but certainly disheartening.

Most legal things I don’t understand, and I don’t pretend to, but I do know that this is not a step in a good direction and I expect that we will see religious freedom (and many other freedoms) continue to erode under the current administration.

In signing this piece of legislation, the President broke a promise made to the religious community that no changes to the freedom of worship laws would be made without the support of the various denominations.

It seems that the new law makes it almost impossible to complete registration because it introduces two registration procedures that don’t match up. Meaning more time, more hassle, more bribes and more likelihood of being denied all together.

“In addition, the bill allows the authorities to exercise control over observance of the laws on freedom of worship and confession like in the Soviet times.”

You can read the complete article here.

Please pray for Ukraine.

It seems the window that has been open that past couple of decades is swiftly shutting. We pray it doesn’t, but know that even if it does close that the work of God will not end.