Welcoming the New Year

Image by: fotoscool, vector-art-graphics.com
Image by: fotoscool,

Tonight we will wave goodbye to one more year and welcome in a new one. All of the world, there will be great celebrations as we meet this transition.

It’s a hopeful time of year, an expectant season. We all hope that the next year will be grander, more exciting, more productive, MORE. We expect great things and dream dreams we don’t dare think of dreaming in the humdrum middle of the year. We make lists of the things we will do (or at least want to try for a couple of weeks before we forget).

It is like a blank journal with a story waiting to be written and we are all hoping that it will be a grand adventure where we come out on top. For some it will be and for others it will not. No one knows what the year ahead holds, and that is part of its allure.

For me this is a time of great transition. I don’t know how the rest of 2013 will play out but the beginning of it ushers in some huge changes in my life (which I will share more about soon). It’s exciting. It’s a little nerve wrecking. It has moments of being terrifying, but all great adventures do.

Whether you are welcoming in the New Year with friends and family in huge celebration or quietly greeting her with peaceful slumber, I pray that 2013 will hold many great things for you and yours. No matter what is to come, may you be drawn closer to the Creator and fall more deeply in love with Love Himself this year. May we all greet the transitions and changes that are to come with open arms and expect that God will use them, and us, for His glory this year.

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