Ditched on New Year’s

Less than two hours into 2013 and I was attempting to find firm footing for pushing a vehicle out of a snowy, icy ditch after an introvert overload evening at the church New Year’s Eve party. It wasn’t really how I envisioned the start of the year.

More than an hour later we skated across the icy driveway of my pastors’ home covered in dirt, freezing and much more awake then we wanted to be at 2:30 am.

Have I ever mentioned that life in Ukraine is NEVER boring.

It was frustrating and I am actually still quite sore, but we have already had more than a few laughs about our method of ringing in the new year.

Life rarely works out as we plan it.

In those moments though, it is so good to have close friends to dig in to those icy, hard, dirty places with you.

I am pretty certain in the course of a year that we will all find ourselves stuck in a ditch or two. It’s just part of life to get stuck sometimes.

I pray that when you find yourself stuck in the muck and mire that you will find those willing to get down and dirty and do whatever it takes to help launch you out of the ditch.