I Know I’m Jet Lagged But What Season Is It?

Silly me, I thought it was Spring.

To give an update, if you do not already know, I landed safely in Kyiv yesterday just ahead of a nasty snowstorm. I actually cried a little to see the snow and ice and absolutely refused to go outside today, but tomorrow I will most likely have to bundle up, put my head down and forge a path into the world of Kyiv.

I was very blessed traveling back and with relatively few snags along the way. From Raleigh to London, the plane was only about half full and I snagged a row of three seats and thankfully was able to stretch out and get a few hours rest.

In London, I met up with a friend from California that I worked with while in South Africa in 2009. Her flight came in about 30 minutes after mine and we met up at the airport. She helped me lug my baggage to my hostel and then we explored the city. Someone generously blessed me with some “fun money” for London, so I packed in the “fun” which I’m sure has also helped with some of the jet lag. I was able to see some of the Natural History and V & A Museums. Tuesday night I saw a musical I have been wanting to see for ages – Wicked! Wednesday I was able to see the musical Singin’ in the Rain, probably the highlight of my time and also very appropriate to see in London, and I was so close that I actually got wet!! Finished out the day and my time in the city with the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s premiere of Aladdin. A VERY full two days.

We arrived a bit late to Kyiv yesterday evening, but had no problems coming in and actually the border patrol welcomed me back to Ukraine, which I didn’t even get when I came to America.

For now, I can hear the wind whipping outside at about 25-30 mph. The lights occasionally flicker and I am praying they do not decide to take a rest from fighting the elements and go out completely. It has been snowing all day and I’m not sure how much is piled up outside but they are calling for 4-6 inches tonight and 5-8 more tomorrow with a high of 15 F and a felt temperature in the negatives!!

Funny thing is that Spring Break began today in Ukraine…

I don’t have any photos yet, since I wasn’t willing to go out, but if you go to my FlutterbyPridge Facebook page then you can see a video posted by one of the guys at my church and see a little bit of what Kyiv looks like this evening.


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