The Month in Fast Forward

IMG_9584If you remember, I hit the ground in Kiev just before a major blizzard that paralyzed the city, which was good for me because there was nothing to do but give into jet lag and rest. As soon as we dug out, life hit warp speed.

My registration in Ukraine is in the process of being… well… processed. I’m living with my pastors until summer. And I’m learning a whole new job, during a really busy season at the church. I have pages and pages of notes and I’m still working on a system of keeping it all organized and making sense in my mind. But I LOVE it!

It is completely different from my previous life as an administrator. Some of that is great and some if it is not so great. But a couple of weeks ago I had my moment of “Yes, this is right. I totally belong here.” And it was a sigh of relief…

Then this past week life came to a full stop again. After noticing some abnormalities I talked to a doctor friend and found that I had cystitis (fancy name for bladder inflammation/urinary tract infection). She immediately put me on some antibiotics. Three days later, however, I developed a fever and it was clear what I was taking just wasn’t helping and the onset of my fever made my doctor fear it was moving into my kidneys. So I started another antibiotic (and some probiotics to help replace the good stuff the antibiotics kill off).

There were a lot of tears this past week. She ordered me to do nothing, even though my “to do” list is a few miles long and I simply wasn’t sleeping well. Not to mention I haven’t had coffee in over a week!!!!

Which is probably why I fell on the stairs and tried to break my toe tonight…

I’m happy to report that I’m on the mend (except for my poor banged up toe) and slowly getting back into action.

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