Summer Dreaming: Wasn’t I Planning to Rest?!

Some time has passed since my last post. Too much time.

The last you heard from me was in the midst of a whirlwind of changes that left me dreaming of a relaxing, laid back, time to catch my breath summer.

Boy was I delusional!

Between Russian lessons, summer camp, church moves, and the day-to-day responsibilities I feel like I’m busier than ever (more details on all of those in a newsletter soon to come!).

So what has God been teaching me?

See if you don't rest, you become old before you time. I've already become a Ukrainian grandma ;)
See if you don’t rest, you become old before you time. I’ve already become a Ukrainian grandma 😉

The need for rest. His command about Sabbath.

In the Christian community in general, we do not do Sabbath well (or even at all sometimes). Even in my devotional this morning it pointed out that too often we try to keep pace with the world and put aside time with God planning to eventually make room for Him… and it never happens. Schedules fill up, days off become days filled with activity, we spin and we sprint, and then get to the end of another week exhausted and empty.

Adult life is teaching me that the demands never end.

There is always another to do list. There is always another urgent need. Another email. Another phone call. Another plan. Another…

Constantly I struggle because I do not want to let others down. The look or tone of disappointment leaves me undone.  And my unobtainable standards leave me half dead but still awake in the middle of the note trying to accomplish just one more thing.

It isn’t healthy. And really it isn’t even productive.

God is teaching me that just because the world glorifies being busy does not mean I keep pace with them, but instead it is a challenge to put myself in step with Him.

I haven’t been a good student, and it has gotten me into trouble. So now I’m trying to listen and be obedient…

How about you?