At A Loss For Words

Irina OstropoletsAbout two weeks ago we lost a dear sister to suicide. Honestly, I did not know Ira very well, just an acquaintance I shared a smile and friendly hello with in passing at church. I do know that she was a leader in the community , a brilliant young girl, and she was cared for and loved by many.


The week before she sat with CCX leaders at our 10th anniversary celebration banquet. There was no indication that anything was amiss. Plans were made for coffee dates with friends the following week. She was smiley and quiet as usual.


Tragedy is always difficult to sort out. It raises questions we normally attempt to avoid because the answers are usually not black and white, but hidden somewhere in layers of a thousand shades between. Anything that is offered seems trite and falls flat even with the best of intentions.

Two weeks later and I still find that I don’t quite know what to say. I still find it shocking and I know others do too.

This weekend we are offering a counseling group for those who may want someone to process with. We know that we cannot provide answers for why or many other things, but hopefully it will be a space, a safe place to begin processing.

Please pray for Ira’s family and friends as they walk through this season of grief. Pray for us as a church and community as we walk alongside those grieving.

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