Ukraine needs your prayers

Protestors at EuroMaidan Wednesday afternoon in Kiev, Ukraine
Protestors at EuroMaidan Wednesday afternoon in Kiev, Ukraine

Life has become interesting in Ukraine in the past week. Well, that’s not fair to say, life is ALWAYS interesting in Ukraine.

But as Americans were trading full Thanksgiving plates for crazed, Black Friday shopping, here in Kiev thousands were in the city center protesting.

In case you missed the news, or my many Facebook/Twitter posts, last week Ukraine’s President Yanukovych abruptly halted the progress towards Ukraine signing an EU agreement, which was supposed to happen this week in Vilnius, Lithuania. Instead, he has decided to strengthen ties with Russia.

EuroMaidan is the name given to the protest movement rallying to push for President Yanukovych to sign an EU deal. Until last night the protests were, overall, more peaceful than America’s Black Friday. However, overnight the situation escalated as riot police used force and violence to clear downtown of protesters.

From reports I have read it seems that those who fled Maidan have found a place of sanctuary in St. Michael’s monestary, but I’m sure this is far from over.

The question remaining is what will it become since tensions have risen, Ukraine’s President has refused to listen to the people, and clearly the government is not against using violence. I cried this morning when I read the news.

I know there violent things happening in other places in the world, but this is my home, these are my friends and family, and their future is important to me.

I don’t know what else to say except please pray for Ukraine. Here is a link to the latest news from the KyivPost

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