Words Fail

The agony of separation and the pain of grief comes with the territory of being alive. We try to avoid it, but eventually it finds us all. We question it and we struggle through it with rage and tears and every emotion our frames of flesh can feel. And it can seem that when we need God most that He is terribly far.

This past week my dear friend, Kim, went into labor at just 24 weeks. Her baby girls, Fiona and Guinevere, arrived and were stable and we rejoiced in that. But the joy ended too soon.

Yesterday I sat at a memorial service for these precious girls – so wanted and so loved already – and I fought back both tears and anger.

I can in no way imagine the depth of grief my friends face in this time, but I know the pain that I feel simply because I love them and that their pain is magnified at least a thousand times over from that place. That knowledge alone seems unbearable.

I know that God has promised that we will endure suffering on earth, and I can somewhat reconcile that in my mind and heart. I know the world is fallen and terrible things happen because of it. But this… this just seems too much. Too unfair. Too cruel.

I know God is and will be with them. I know somehow there will be smiles and laughter and hope again. I know it means Fiona and Guinevere don’t have to endure the pain and suffering of this world.

But all of that seems so trite, because in moments like this words simply fail.

So I’m simply asking if you would pray for Kim and David and their families during this difficult time.

And if you feel led, there is a support fund set up to to help cover medical and funeral expenses, and I know that any amount would be deeply appreciated.