The “Oh, It’s Easy” Lie

I lied last week.

A friend asked how I could pack my life into a single suitcase and move across the country.

My response was something like, “Oh, it’s easy. It’s not like I have to worry about furniture and stuff.”

But it isn’t easy, and after six years filled with more goodbyes than can be counted, I’m convinced that it actually never becomes easy.

I said “see ya later” to friends last week and went home to pack and cry. Some of those have known me over half my life, and others unexpectedly became friends over the past year, and each person holds a special place in my heart.

I held my cat, and cried some more (because my cat is pretty much also a person and was giving me the “I know you’re leaving me” look).

And as I dealt with frustrating travel complications due to NC’s crazy weather patterns, I wanted to curl up in a corner, renounce my adulthood, and just cry some more.

It wasn’t because I’m not excited to be in California or that I’m not looking forward to what the future may hold, it’s just the simple fact that leaving is hard.

And I think if we are doing life right, then it probably should be. It doesn’t seem to me like we should be able to easily just walk away from relationships.

But, really, I’m thankful that it’s a difficult process. Not because I like difficulty, but because it shows that there are a lot of people in my life that I care about and that I know care about me. That’s something that many people don’t have, and would give anything for.

So to everyone I’ve had to say “See You Later” to, thank you for making it hard to leave. Your love and friendship are priceless and not forgotten, even when I don’t voice it as often as I should.