A Left-Handed Apology

I don’t know how other right-handed people feel about their left hand. I guess I’ve just always considered it a nice balancing mechanism, not good for much, but it helps even things out. My left had is uncoordinated and shaky, and I have little patience for its lack of efficiency.

A couple of years ago I was play fighting with my friend (because who likes to really act their age). I fake punched and she for real blocked and I sprained my right thumb. I thought I would go crazy before it healed because my left hand just couldn’t seem to rise to the occasion and handle all the expectations suddenly forced upon it.

So last week when I fell on my left hand (because Los Angeles sidewalks hate me), I wasn’t too concerned that the injury was going to effect me terribly. However, it’s a week later and I’m discovering that I owe my left hand an apology. It has been seriously under appreciated.

Dear Left Hand,

I apologize for the indifference I have shown you all these years. I have seen the error of my ways. I will no longer look upon you the shame of not having the same capabilities of a right hand, but promise to appreciate your differences. Please forgive me?


It makes me wonder what other things in life I so quickly dismiss and take for granted like…

Those pesky, unpleasant emotions that I try to ignore.
The entire winter season (There is some good to it, right?)
People that are part of my life and nice to be acquainted with, but not my “go to” group.

Am I guilty of flippantly regarding the people in my life that don’t meet some invisible standard of performance in the same way that I have always regarded my left hand?

Everyone can’t be a right-hand man, that would be strange and wouldn’t function. Those acquaintances and not-so-close friendships have their value, too.

Sometimes they add much needed insight into our situation because they are further removed, helping give stability and balance.

Sometimes they bring along some lightheartedness and fun, and they remind us to enjoy life and not be so serious all the time.

Sometimes they help catch you when you fall, and you realize you’ve been taking them for granted for far too long.

If you’ve ever felt that I didn’t appreciate you as much as I should, I sincerely apologize. I really do need and want you in my life. I realize that I can be terrible at communicating these things, which is just no excuse. Can you forgive me and help me work on that weakness so our relationship doesn’t end up like my actual physical left hand at the moment?
Left hand sprain