Book Review: Get Out of That Pit

10th Anniversary Edition of Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore

I’m not sure how I happened onto a list where I can be offered books to read in exchange for a review, but it’s a list I’m happy to be on,  and we are kicking it off with a book that’s been around for a while.

Thomas Nelson just did a 10th anniversary print of Beth Moore’s Get Out of That Pit. While I don’t follow Moore closely, I have always enjoyed the snippets of talks or studies that I have come across in the past.

In the pages of Get Out of That Pit, Moore shares from her own personal journey and from studying Scripture about what a pit is, how we find ourselves in them, and how to get out. As someone else who is pretty familiar with the pits and found herself pit dwelling by all three ways described in the book, I found her words encouraging and practical. No matter how we ended up in the pit, we do NOT have to stay there. That is good news!!

The book is easy to follow and sprinkled with humor. The chapters are a manageable size and not overwhelming, and at the back of the book some daily Scripture prayers are offered if you need a little boost or springboard for figuring out what or how to pray. There are also reflection and application questions for each chapter, which is perfect for personal study or if you want to do a group study.

A few times in the book the humor felt a little forced to me, but overall I enjoyed Get Out of That Pit and think it would make a great book to tackle in a small group.

Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of Get Out of That Pit in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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