Stephanie comes from the scorching summers and mild winters of North Carolina. She came to Kyiv in the fall of 2009 as a part of The World Race and fell unexpectedly in love with Ukraine.

She served in university ministry for three and a half years with CCX-Ukraine and in 2013 returned to her communication and administration roots to serve as the Office Manager for International Christian Assembly (ICA).

She is currently back in the United States and living at home with her parents after a couple of years serving in Los Angeles, California with Re-Generation.

She hopes soon to return to Ukraine to serve in the beautiful western city of L’viv with the Blessing family at Living Word Church helping with the university and young adult ministry there.

Over the last several years she has become an extroverted introvert, but beware of her before she has her morning coffee.

In My Own Words…

I am, first and foremost, a daughter of the Most High and when I speak it captures the attention of the King… and I have a lot to say!

I am a creative like my Creator.

I am a writer to encourage others in the journey, to share the stories of the voiceless in society, and to bring awareness to issues such as human trafficking, self harm, poverty, etc.  Words are powerful and I desire to use them to effect change and bring hope.

I am a musician to proclaim the beauty, holiness and majesty of my God.

I am a percussionist because rhythm links us all, it surrounds us daily and even beats within each person’s chest from breath to breath. Symbolically when I play I am on the front lines leading others into the presence of God.

I am a warrior.

I am a wanderer, but I am NOT lost. I have walked dusty paths in Africa, on brothel streets in Asia, amongst icon filled cathedrals of Europe and on top of earthquake shattered homes in Haiti. My feet have touched the soil of seventeen countries and despite all the cultural differences I have found we are all basically the same – fallen humanity that is desperate to touch something divine. We are all seeking for Truth found only in Christ.

I am a lover of Ukraine. I have dreams, God-sized ones, for this land.

  • I dream of Ukraine being a country known as a dwelling place for the presence of God, where the Lord is worshiped day and night and where people find hope, rest, and healing.
  • I dream that girls will no longer have to sell themselves or fear being stolen away and trafficked.
  • I dream that women will find their identity and beauty in the Lord instead of in how thin they look or what newest fashion is draped over their bodies.
  • I dream that the stories of the older generation will be heard and that they will find love.
  • I dream that boys will become men of God.

I declare that Ukraine has a hope and a future! And for now I get to spend my days working with and discipling carriers of that hope.

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